Direct to You

In early 2018, SOVA Farms will commence a Direct to You service that will enable you to purchase what you want, when you want it and have it delivered to a location near you for pick-up based upon a predetermined schedule.


How does this differ from a farmer’s market or a CSA? A farmer's market can be a fun outing, but you are not always sure what they are going have for sale, or if it will be available at the time you arrive. Plus, there can be congestion around the market, making it a lengthy process. CSA’s have been very popular and are most convenient for the farmer. However, is not always convenient for the customer and can be costly. The CSA requires payment upfront for a whole season. You know generally what you might receive depending on the month, but you don't have a choice. Further, the delivery season is also the time for vacation for many families and if you are away on holiday you have simply missed that week, so your average per week cost has now gone up.


Direct to You places the convenience with you. We are in the process of building our product offering to include our production, but also to provide you with the delicious and healthy products from local farmers who want to get their goods direct to you, the consumer. This will include many organic items such as eggs, chickens (whole or parts), grass-fed cow and goat milk, yogurt and cheese, grass-fed beef, pork, lamb, honey, herbs and some produce.


Ordering will be easy: simply go on our website and click on items that you would like and they are added to you basket. Since prices are based upon weight, you will get an approximate bill. Deliveries are made to an area close to you, such as a church parking lot, on a predetermined schedule. Your area might be every Thursday from 9:00 to 9:30 in the morning. One of our vans will have an individual cooler ready with your order for pick up packed on ice. Just grab, pay the driver, and off you go. There are no commitments – only purchase what you want and when you want it.