During the growing season our hens have access to nutritious pasture 24/7.  The doors to our Egg Mobile are never shut, except in extreme weather conditions and only for their protection. Therefore, the early risers can walk the fields at first light and the “night owls", for a lack of a better term, can stay out as late as they choose for an all-night snack. This means they have constant access to clover, forbs, grass, insects and the occasional worm.

In addition to the pasture buffet the hens are feed organic meals from the very best ingredients. Our Organic No-Soy feed is purchased from locally from an organic granary in Penn Yan, New York. The ingredients, as a percentage of the meal, are listed below. Yum!

  • Yellow Peas              34.50%
  • Corn                       27.00%
  • Flax meal                 12.50%
  • Sunflower meal         10.00%
  • Oats                          2.50%
  • Alfalfa meal               2.50%
  • Various minerals       11.00%